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This is beautifully written--I believe that C. S. Lewis would definitely approve.
This is fantastic! Awesome insights and so true about how Satan twists things around. Especially God's Word. Very creative and well written.
This is very good, but I did want to let you know that you have a typo in the first line: I think it should read "you have successfully persuaded..."
Echoing the others. The true enemy often uses just an element of scripture, just enough to make it sound like truth. Well written.
Very well written. As the others have said, this shows how Satan does twist the truth. Nicely done.
I think you kept true to original voice. Well Done.
This held my attention. Very good writing here! & creative!
This is a fascinating perspective on the topic, and very well-written. One error to fix: in the 5th paragraph, it should be "pique his curiosity" instead of "peak". This was a great read - you kept my attention all the way through!
Loved it. But I did find the first paragraph hard to grab at first. But that could just be me. What a perspective twist. We sometimes forget that our minds are the battle grounds. Nice Job
Creative, strong message! Great entry!
Don't you just love C.S.Lewis!! You've done a great job of echoing his wonderful style and purpose in his writing! Great job!
Good job! This is very interesting to read, I think you hit all the temptations for prosperity! Nice progression through to the end.
CS Lewis would love this. Tough writing well done.
I think you did quite well at staying in character in this peice. Lewis would beam I'm sure were he to read this! Keep up the good work!
Ditto, ditto, ditto! Very clean, tight, and loaded with the same creative subtleties that inspired Lewis. A courageous venture, carried off nobly!