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What a beautiful story and testimony to God's faithfulness. Not only is it well written, it is a story that needs to be told, for the sake of all those who simply accept the predicted fate of newborn or unborn infants.
Beautiful story and testimony. Our oldest son was a 3 pound premi, we were given the same medical advice. He is now a six foot one steel contractor, father of two. The only hope we had/have is in Jesus. Thanks for posting.
Wow! This is excellent. I loved the line at the end "the kindler of the flame that lights the way for those on the path behind you."
My son was in the NICU for a short while after he was born almost to term. We saw premies in there the size of baby-dolls. It's wonderful to read what God has done in Destinee's life.
Thank you for sharing!
A wonderful story of hope fulfilled in the face of humanly impossible circumstances. Great job.
Amazing; I had tears in my eyes! I loved some of the lines you had, especially "We were adrift for three months in a sea of uncertainty." So very descripitive and powerful!
Beautiful. My mom was two pounds two weeks after she was born and the doctors thought she would be blind, also. She too, had a miracle. Well written and wonderful story!
Breathtaking story, perfectly told. I love everything about this entry. From the title to the last wonderful line. Thank you. You made my day!
This was my favorite image out of many greats:

I felt like Elijah at the brook, waiting for the ravens to bring the daily provision.

And your conclusion, WOW! This story needs wide readership. Try Guideposts. I hope you end up in our book here, too.
I agree with Debbie. This is a winner. In fact, I wish half the stuff in Guideposts was as well-written!
Birdie, this is the best! Please do submit to Guideposts! I hope to see you in the top slot this week. Your words are filled with true grace and HOPE. Beautiful!
This is excellent writing! Great flow. Awesome wording. I really enjoyed reading this. It is superb!
Congratulations, friend! I'm so happy for you finding your story in First Place! WooHoo!
Just wanted to add Congratulations! This is a well-deserved win!
Very nice! This line caught my eye. "We were adrift for three months in a sea of uncertainty." Such a sad state of being, but painted beautifully with your words.
What a beautiful story, full of hope! Thanks for sharing it with us!
This article is so excellently written! I love the content, and it surely touched my own heart with new hope; but, I was amazed at the beautiful writing and analagies you so gracefully included.
God bless! And keep on writing.
"I realized that God was intentionally filling my ears with hope."

I love the image of God you have - I think it's true and good.

"The stories of strangers were more than food to me; they nurtured my ability to hope."

It is something that such people can consistently be found in hospitals.

"forced entry into the world"

Love the power behind this phrase - it gives Destinee the characteristic of strength the reader wants her to have.

"As Destinee blew out her sixth ‘second birthday’ candle, I was reminded that she too will be a story teller one day. Once you follow hope all the way through, that’s what you become; the kindler of the flame that lights the way for those on the path behind you."

"Follow[ing] hope all the way through" - that is an excellent description of a godly life.