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Shades of Screwtape Letters. Good job.
I liked how you set up the back and forth between the two scenes, but when you wrote the meeting scenes, the quotes around words were a bit distracting. Maybe italics would show the stress, but blend more?

“I was assigned to Kevin, Cori’s wife." Uh, I think you meant husband. ;) hehehe
Good job though!
Very, very well done.
This is GREAT! (and yes, very reminiscent of Screwtape)
Would love to see you add a scene showing an angelic warrior breaking those chains with a mighty sword!
Very good Jess. Excellent dialogue - seems to be one of your strengths. Two wins in a row might push into level 3.
Excellent! Very good dialogue. Excellent job overall.
Love the theme, love the ending, love the cologne called Seduction LOL
Very well done -nice work going back and forth between their thoughts/actiosn and the spiritual warfare.
Very entertaining and very true all at the same time! Well done!! Great way to bid 'adieu' to intermediate! LOL!
I love the way this concludes - great. And the title is really clever! The whole piece is great - well done!
Congratulations, Jessica!!
Very cleverly done, and a good reminder of how to live each day in my marriage.
Congratulations on your win...very well written!
Hi Jessica,

Congratulations on first place for your article, "The Staff Meeting From Hell".

That was very creative. Did you get the idea from Screwtape Letters? It was a great piece to remind us of the spiritual warfare that is constantly being waged behind the scenes to keep Christians from being effective. But you had a great ending to prove that we have victory through the Lord Jesus Christ as we believe in His power to deliver us.


Jeffrey Gante