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Very well done. I was doing a "will she?" or "won't she" all the way through. Too bad she didn't. Nice job.
This is a great story! You did a great job all the way through. I loved the parrallism between the reporter and her key which can unlock a multitude of joys and the gifts the Father has for each of us. A really great job!
WoW...sounds like us. Ouch. How many things has God made available to us, and given us the authority to use, but we don't. Devine healing, prosperity, freedom, peace, and the list goes on.

Awesome message!
I enjoyed this story too. It held my interest and I liked the parallelism as well. The last sentence didn't quite fit for me though. It felt like he shut the door in the middle of a conversation. Otherwise, this was really good.
Wonderful! Except for the last sentence--because if this is all an allegory of Christ and all the abundant life He wants us to have, he would not shut the door on us. But you really nailed it, otherwise...great writing, great message.
Yeay - love this. How many times have I heard the phrase "It's all very well for you, but that's not for me"?