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Aww...That's a touching story. It makes me sad to think about the people they'd be leaving behind, and how horrible it must be to march into a battle knowing it could very well be your last...yet it fills me with awe at the same time when I think about the amount of bravery and courage and honor that a sacrifice like that must take. I also like the creative use of the theme...the soldiers asking God and one another for help. Very nice.
Wow! It surprises me that this hasn't had more comments! A beautiful piece here - full of heart. I love stories like this, full of courage, and love, and God :) Well written! This was great!
Great writing! It made me sad for the loved ones. Can you write the sequel where they get to live through the battle and go home?
This was so realistic and so well written!! I loved it...would love to read more!
Excellent writing!
A timeless story, and you did a wonderful job of taking us there and letting us feel the emotions of these brave men.

You are an excellent writer - and definitely should be in advanced!

One small critique - and I haven't heard the song so this may be a direct quote from it (if it is, ignore what I'm about to say) - but I found the line "Her smile gets me through the day and her promise" to be awkward.
You carried us all the way through and that's a good, good thing! I felt it all. You should be proud of this one!
Very good writing. Great story ... well done.
I felt the full range of emotion in this one. Great job!
Very good! I'm not usually a fan of war stories, but this was more a story of friendship and faith, and I loved it.
Wonderful writing. You're well on your way to advanced. Great descriptions, emotion and dialogue. Keep writing!
Maybe I'm just in a critical mood or something (seems I've been kind of hard on the last few I've read, so feel free to ignore me. lol)

I liked the story overall, but in the beginning it seemed like you used 'young' and 'older' quite a few times. Maybe you could have picked different tags for variety?

Also, I'll admit I was a bit distracted while reading, but the dialog seemed interchangeable between the two men. I didn't see much distinction of character. If the one man was older, try using his vocabulary to reflect it.

Just my two cents and don't know if it's even worth that! :)
Nice job! The Civil War is one of the parts of history about which I like to read.

You used the phrase 'young man' four times in as many paragraphs...once you have established that Charlie is young, you don't have to repeat it. Maybe substitute 'warrior' or something else for 'man'.

I got a little confused when you shifted from Charlie's to John's POV and back again. Is there some way you could distinguish a little more between them?

I was taken by the emotions of the piece...that was very well done!
Well done, you draw the reader in, good job :)
Nice story.. brotherly comaradarie in the face of war. A bit of alliteration troubles early (a lot of "young man" "Older man" repeats) but aside from that you did very very well.