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This is fascinating! I know that you were recounting a dream, but since it "reads" like an allegory, a little bit more explanation at the beginning would have helped at bit. How did you know that something was written on your back? Maybe add some dialog for character development. I think this has the potential to be a very powerful story.
I agree with Jan I would have liked to read more. But good job nonetheless.
What a great story. Very unique and creative. Imagine a dream burning up inside you to be written for nearly 50 years! Gee, I wonder what could be behind something like that? You have a great touch, and I, too, would love to read more.
Thank you for sharing your dream. You described it well so I could easily envision it. Dreams have a way of uniquely teaching us what's in our hearts. I think the word on your back was "Christian." No being in hell would certainly utter it. The Lord came and claimed what was his. I'm so glad he did. I think the title of your story should be changed.
I just want to thank all of you for your kind comments about my writing. Writing is great fun, but even more so when we receive feedback from our readers! Thank you for your encouragement!
Wow - what a vivid picture, and a powerful dream. Indeed Christ is with us, and in Him we are more than conquerors.

Well done, and God bless,

Yes, a very weird dream. You have me wondering what was on your back. Most dreams fade away with time, or by morning,but some, like yours, stay with you a lifetime. Very well done. Kept my interest throughout.
Cruising the challenges. This is a good story here. Dreams can make a difference in our lives.