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Ooo. I enjoyed this fictional look into the spiritual world. Probably more true than we realize. Intriguing! Good dialogue, and loved that last line! Great job!
“The man’s pride was enormous. His Master wasn’t going to allow that pride to remain. His own word states: ‘I will BREAK down your stubborn pride and make the sky above you like iron…’ ” Lev. 26:19
Dittos! Good job setting the scene for that Leviticus verse to jump out and grab the reader. That explains a lot of what we struggle to understand when the sky above seems like iron!
Very good job. I loved this line best: "He reeks of prayer". I hope someday Satan can say that of me—and then hear God laugh in delight.
Capativating dialogue and imagery. Stories like this bring reality to the spirtual battle we face.
Well, it wasn't what I was expecting by the title (lol) -but well worth the read -Well done!
An interesting look into demonology. If one believes that angels are real, then one must believe that demons are real also; since they were angels BEFORE they fell from heaven with Lucifer! Your piece, although fictional, clearly depicts their real intent and real threat to the Christian! They are not spirits from a spiritual world...They are Real! Thank you for reminding us of this fact in such a unique and fascinating way. Very well done!
This was an excellent piece, well written, easy to follow, and full of memorable symbolism. It caused me to pause and reflect as to what demons I might be giving in to. Your picture of them lurking by name (strife, lust, etc.)was intriguing.
>> He’s alive in the earthly, but lives in the heavenly.<<

I loved this line. So true of our lives hidden in Christ with God.

Nice work! ~Gwynn
Your sory was one of the first I read as I happened upon this wonderful site. I felt that you captured the readers intrest,and kept the level of suspense high. I would think you have abright future ahead in writing. Thank you for a enjoyable story. Oh by the way, your my first critique.