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Moving story. You'll want to change "breaks" to "brakes" somwhere along the way. But with a few minor adjustments, you'll have a winner. Good job.
What a story! Thank you for sharing...I do have a question about the little girl calling her momma. Was that because she knew she was a momma? Very captivating story otherwise!
Well Breaks sounded right... lol.. And it was Ma'am... like madam... sorry..
What a sad story -well written
This is very well-written and engaging, but I'm a bit troubled by it, theologically. I'm not sure that's what angels do, and Bobby's message seems almost ghost-like. I"ll have to think about this one for a while; it's well worth a second reading.
Sad but very good. I was a bit confused as to why the little girl called her mama, but otherwise it flowed very well. I think I'll read it again!