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Such a surprise at the end. Truly interesting. I thought I had the end all worked out. Very fun to read. Thank you, and God bless.

YOU GOT ME!...I was scared out of my mind for this woman..NOT I feel pretty wimpy now to find out it was a cat and mouse chase. Brillant twist on the topic. I loved it and believe it's a winner..
Wow! What else can I say? That was stupendous, exciting, gripping and so well written! What an ending!! You've got my vote! Great idea! Kudos!
Masterful writing!
This was great!! Just great! You almost had me... I sensed just a little bit of something that made me a tiny suspicious... LOL Just one critique comment--the word "patiently" in the first line seemed like not quite the right word. I think "silently" instead, would add to the suspence. Again, great job. I think this could be a winner. ;-)
You got me too! I was sure it was a deer hunter. I thought I had your suprise ending all worked out. Great job!
This was great! You had me... I have to say that I have attempted to write fear the way you did and failed captured it well and then twisted it up so nicely at the end! Well done!
I'm glad I read this. I really enjoyed not knowing where you were headed. Never would have guessed the cat and mouse! Great job!
This was really fun - I LOVE twists and you delivered. The only thing I would suggest is maybe to break between viewpoints, but it was a great read, regardless.
Blessings, Lynda
That was awesome! I love trick endings, and I didn't see it coming. I agree with the other suggestion about a break between viewpoints. One other thing: I'm not sure about the cats name. Great job!
Great personification of the mouse's fear/helplessness and the stalker's feelings of power. Well written and enjoyable read. Yeggy
You got me, too. Great job! I'm especially proud of how well you wrote the smug, presumptuous personality of a cat. Fabulous!
My earlier comment said "You've got my vote" - and Now I see you got the Judges Votes also! Congratulations! Kudos! I knew it!!
congratulations on your win!!! This story is great. Love the twist.

I just read this for the first time. WOW. You have some amazing talant. I absolutely loved this. So gripping and I lvoed the ending. Hilarious! Awesome job!
You just floored me. I am so impressed with everything about this piece. Awesome. I'm still trying to catch my