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I like your sentiment here, but the tie to the Trees theme is kind of spotty--it goes fom being about political correctness to Christmas Trees, then back to a political statement. I'd focus more on the "Tree" aspect. Just a question (off subject): Do you believe Jesus would be considered to be Conservative or Liberal when you consider the society in which He lived? Just a thought...keep up the good work!
Uh Oh! Isn't that strange? The TWO subjects that should never be brought up at a friendly get-together - are now at a face off! The subject at hand, "Trees" never did have anything to do with the birth of our Lord; His death, yes! Nailed to a tree - But not His birth. But well done piece on this controversial subject.
You make some very fine statements in taking your stand like in "I consider myself to be a Christian conservative and Christmas is about Christ, therefore, the tree that we decorate every year is a Christmas tree and a Christmas tree it will stay."
I am weary also of the debate over Happy Holiday vs. Merry Christmas.
The subject was trees, and I liked the idea of a Jesus tree instead of a Christmas tree, but you needed to develop the theme of the Challenge.
On the other hand, I think this would be a great letter to the editor!
I agree. This would be a great letter to the editor for your local newspaper, or any newspaper for that matter! Great job.