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A tender- hearted story about a women who sought God. Miss Jane was a missionary because Miss Jane told others about God. Prayer is a powerful tool.
Interesting from beginning to end. I was glad your mentioned how to use "Operation World" as she prayed.
Caught one slight mistake: you wrote "her body shock" I think you meant "shook"...but then I could be wrong.
Your entry is touching and informative as well as interesting. Well written.
The amazing power of prayer. This story stirred something in me - maybe a reminder that all is not lost when we pray for those who are close to us. Thank you.
You did a nice job on this one. I often find that tears overwhelm me, even when I'm gnawing on the inside of my cheek in an attempt to stop them. I could relate to your MC. You also introduced the conflict right off, which pulls the reader in.

You had some awkward sentences. Ask someone to read it aloud, and if he stumbles, it's a good sign that it needs to be smoothed out. For example this line is a bit confusing, is a passive line, and made me stumble and reread it:
Down in her little notebook went the Jackson family.
You could tweak it like this: Flipping open her notebook, she jotted down the names of everyone in the Jackson family:
Brad, Kim, JJ, Katie. Then she made a point to pray for them every day.
The other thing I noticed is you forget to put commas after introductory clauses like As a teenager, or After church,
By using these commas, (which also is an introductory clause, and they often start with prepositions) it will help smooth out the read. This is one of my favorite online resources because it has a quiz after each section. I'd urge you to check it out and see what rules you need to polish.

I liked your character. I sense she was a combination of some real people in your life. She felt authentic. Your message is clear and powerful too. Congratulations on ranking 3rd in level two. Happy Dance!