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I liked the subject matter, from one former cat owner...and trees that got attacked! You might want to break up your paragraphs for easier reading and watch your punctuation spaces, like after a comma and a period. You really have a talent for telling a good story!:)
Very funny! Cats, kids and dogs, they all have their issues with Christmas trees. Thanks for the reminder to "lighhten up" about it. Well done.
Good job! I enjoyed reading this. Good outcome too!
I love this!

My only suggestion would be to put blank spaces between your paragraphs. Look around at some of the other entries here, to see how much more pleasing to the eye that is.

One of the funniest reads I've enjoyed today--this belongs in a cat lovers' magazine.
Very sweet and witty story of the perils of Christmas. It made my day! Thank you! A space between paragraphs would be so helpful to the Reader...and the Reader is Who we writers write for! Very nice job!