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Hahaha! I laughed my head off at the description of "tourists" in their shorts and such...hysterical.

This was well written and well said. I loved it.

God bless~
I enjoyed this little trip. I felt the resigning nature of the MC and then saw sprinkles of hope. You did a great job of balancing it all.

Be careful about matching pronouns and nouns. This phrase doesn't match:...$1,000 camera slung over their shoulders,
It should be cameras or make it all singular: One woman had a $1,000 camera slung over her shoulder. Also remember okay should be written out or both letters capped--OK.

You did an outstanding job of writing on topic. I felt like I was right there and could almost feel the tension and sadness in the bus as it approached Ground Zero. I'm sure this story will speak to many many people in many different ways. Great job.
Great story. Congratulations on your EC win.
Congratulations, Pat. on your 8th place EC award!
Congratulations on your 1st place, and EC awards! Great job!
I like how you wrote tourists are 'a microcosm of us' very apt observation.