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I appreciated your allegory, but was tripped up a little by the boy drinking wine. Could it have been an adult? Good writing, very thought-provoking.
You've taken what could have been a very "in-the-box" entry and made it into an intriguing tale. I love it! I think you did a fabulous job on this!!!
Very intriguing way to tell the proverb of Jesus being the vine and mankind being the branches; however, the young boy drinking wine isn't my idea of the best way to tell this story; (I'm no prude, but rules are rules, you know);however, well written and easily understood. Thanks for sharing!
What a beautiful story! Sometimes the rot is not on the outside for all to see. It lives underneath the surface where only the Vinedresser can see!
I also wanted to comment that children have drank wine in communion for centuries, so others should remember that.
Excellent way of telling the story of the True Vine.