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Wow. This is a tough one for anyone to tackle but for Christians it is really though.
I would have encouraged reconciliation which you probably did. Betrayal between spouses plus a sister is about as damaging as it gets.

Your entry is interesting and nicely written. Thanks for sharing.
It takes wisdom and a lot of guidance from God to get through daily situations. But, in this kind of scenario, you really had to dig deeper into your faith, and wisdom.

It's good not to judge, none of us are qualified to do that...that's God's job, and He is superb at it, doesn't need our help.

That was a tought position to be in. I feel bad for the wife, losing a husband and sister at once. WOW. I pray for all parties concerned.

Thanks for sharing.

God bless~
This is a powerful story that really shows how dangerous it can be when Christians judge others. It is so important not to judge but to leave that to God.

You had a tiny POV shift when you talked about Mattie noticing the time you waved. Unless she spoke to you directly you wouldn't know what looks like the words she said to her husband. You could fix it by saying, I overheard her whispering to Kevin. or you could show her action: Mattie's mouth dropped open as she raised her eyebrows when we waved. Haltingly, she waved back.
That's not perfect, but just an example to show what I mean.

You did a great job of covering the topic in an interesting and fresh way. I really like your message too. It makes the reader stop and examine her own heart. Nice job.
Congratulations! God bless~