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Thank you for sharing your true to life account of when we face difficulties. A good message in keeping faith in a faithful God through our trials. Thanks!
This was very moving - and felt like it is a true story. Either way, you've done a great job of showing that emotion when going through difficulties. You put me there with you. Nicely done!
I can certainly relate to this, as a 6-year breast cancer survivor myself. I know the uneasiness with any unknown symptoms and at check-up time. Well written and right on topic.
You've managed to take a very serious topic that is difficult for most people to write about, and make it work in a positive and uplifting way...bringing forth a powerful message.

May God bless you both and be a constant source of light for you and your beautiful wife.

You did a great job with this. The short choppy sentences that get a bit bigger, the more the MC worries are a fantastic way to show (quite literally) his emotional state. You did a wonderful job of presenting the conflict, building suspense and wrapping it up in the end.
Congrats! God bless~
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