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It ended too abruptly for me. I would have liked a little more information on what made him change - what made that stone heart crumble? The writing and interaction was well written and enjoyed. Good job.
This is a great story. I especially enjoyed the allegory of breaking stones is much
like breaking through a hard heart.

Try to do more showing. This line is all telling: Simon was all ears.
But this is showing: Simon cupped his hand under his chin and leaned closer.

You did a great job of writing on topic in a fresh and fascinating way. Your message is a good one and I think many can relate to it and to your wonderful characters.
I try not to read comments before I comment. I wanted to let you know I did get the ending. Prayer does wonder. There is a song I really like called Sand and Water. It fits this story. Solid stone is just sand and water. It shows how in time, something as simple as water turns solid stone into sand. Prayer may seem simple but God can use it and persistence to break down the hardest stone heart.
This was an excellent entry with a wonderfully powerful message at the end. God is able to do all things, I loved it. Nicely done, nicely written, nicely told.

Thank you! God bless~