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This is a great thought-provoking piece. You do a nice job of showing how to adjust our attitudes. Many times we may not even realize that we are in a perpetual whining mode. My one suggestion would be to get rid of the exclamation points. Instead let your words do the exclaiming for you. You did a nice job of covering the topic while delivering an important message. I'm sure we can all relate. Though it may not always be easy, we do have a choice. Nice job.
Wonderful true to life entry with the scenario being one that many will relate to.

Nicely done. God bless~
This really gets down to where people really live and how we humans think. Good writing, and good reminder to step back and take another look and see in the right way.
I'm not asking this as a rhetorical question, and I'm not playing devil's advocate but..

Why should we be grateful?

It's hard to see reasons for gratitude when you're in the middle of a bad day.

When we're deep in our own destructive self talk, how can we be reminded to thank God? I think a continuation of this article is in order - you're onto something here..