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This is a beautiful, faith filled and inspirational poem. A true delight to read. I love the way you use the colours to highlight God's creation. I like the way you ended it too with the passage from Revelation. It tied in and rounded the piece off well. Great job.
I could imagine heaven when I read your lovely descriptions of the colors God reveals to us everyday. Thanks for reminding me of these beautiful things I sometimes take for granted. This is just mesmerizing. Your poetry paints such beautiful images.
You have splashed my heart with your paeon of praise to our wondrous Creator . . .
This is really beautiful. The words just flow off the page. You covered the topic in a fresh way. I really like the splashes of colors. The words you chose painted a beautiful picture and brought a smile to my soul.
Oh how I wish I could do what you did in this poem! I love that you included the passage in Revelation because that's what I thought of when I read it. Oh what a sight it will be to behold. You've captured it magnificently!
Epic! Beautiful, descriptive, and truly captivating!

God bless~
Beautiful artistic words splashed across the canvas of God's creation. Lovely and rhythmic. A joy to read and mediate upon!
So many beautiful descriptions in here. Splashes of God's color are all around us.

When you switched voices from "we" to "I" it threw me off a little. But no big deal.

Good job, keep writing!
I really liked your descriptions, especially of the sunset. Beautiful!
I am a person who loves color. It feeds my soul! :) So I very much enjoyed your color-full poem! One of my favorite parts was:

"Soft, gentle, rainbows
follow God's

God's special
as the earth
washes, then dries."

Very descriptive!