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Heartbreaking. I pray it is and isn't a true story because the ending is so bittersweet.
This is heartbreaking to read yet uplifting at the same time. Your deep faith in God's promises, to work everything together for good, and to always be there for you, shines through you and your words. This is a powerful testimony to God's grace. I feel sure it's a true account because of the depths of your feelings. This will be a blessing to many people who have suffered the trauma of a loved one taking their own life. Thanks for being brave enough to write this.
This is beautifully written and anguishing to read. Thankyou for being brave enough to share such deep pain and sadness - may what you have written reach out to help others who are heartbroken. The part that touched me most was your realisation of God's kindness and overruling in allowing you to be separated from the tie clasp to save you from more overwhelming grief. Precious. Thankyou for sharing.
I havent so far lost a parent to death. Im not sure what my reaction or the sorrow I will feel. This is very well and very beautifully written testament that Jesus held you together. It touches my life and will touch countless others, and make them appreciate what they have now even more. Thank you... and never give up this passionate calling that God has so graciously given you. ~Grace and peace.
I have only experienced one suicide in my circle of life. My best friends dad shot and killed her and then himself when she was 17 years old.He was like a father to me. I know the anguish of asking why? This is so beautifully written and expressed. Your feelings jump off the page with this. God bless and keep you.
You grab my heart from the very first word and hood it to the very end. I want to grab that 18-year-old girl and rock her in my arms. Suicide is not an easy subject to talk about, but it is such a vital one. You will touch more hearts than you could ever imagine with this piece.
An emotional, courageous and poignant piece. Thanks for having the courage to share it. This will minister to many; may we all be reminded of the Lord's strong love and care for us in the dark valleys of life.
Having taken so many funeral services that have been caused by suicide, and involved in the follow-up from them, I know how eloquently you have captured the pain that words alone cannot address. Very well done.
This is such a heartbreaking story and held my interest through the entire thing. I have lost both of my parents, but not to suicide. It is so hard to get rid of their things. Even losing my parents after I was an adult, didn't make that process any easier. You ended it in an uplifting way that will encourge everyone who reads your article. Very well done.
Bittersweet story written with tears I could feel. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt piece with us.
I love your title, as it fits so well with your story and with the week's topic. Yours is a sad tale, but I loved the mother's thoughtfulness toward her daughter despite her own pain. And your last line--"Our God is the One who ties all things together. These things will come full circle to His glory when we allow Him to hold our memories, as the clasp holds the tie"--was a perfect way to end the story! Good job!