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This is a beautiful tender poem to the Lord, so personal and an intimate prayer-song of devotion. I love your opening stanza and 'the pressing of the ear against His heart to hear the accents of His voice speaking and drawing us nearer to Him. A blessing to read.
Beautiful! Thank you so much for this exquisite poem. God bless~
I wanted to add that this lovely poem reads like a "Praise song" I can hear it set to music in my head. It was not only touching, moving and written with love for the Lord, but it made my heart smile. Excellent job!

Thanks. God bless~
The title drew me in. You have a way and a flow with your words. Thank you for sharing your heart.
Thought-provoking and reassuring work in a cleverly constructed poem. A great read.
This is a beautiful. Your love for God is so evident in your words. I could feel myself being lifted up by Him as well. Very well done, my friend.
This is a powerful piece. I love the way you took it full circle. We need to remember to strive to be more like Jesus. Sometimes I think it's easy to forget that quest as we mesh in with the hustle and bustle of the world. I could feel your desire just oozing out of every word. Though that may sound gross, it's meant to me a high compliment--your love and desire to please our Lord is so palpable. It's a good reminder for us all.
Exquisite - a true paeon of praise to our wondrous Lord.

Because He lives and loves,

What an exquisite, heartfelt and tender poem this is. Your faith and reliance upon God shines through every word you've written. Truly inspired. Great work!
I enjoyed the structure of your poem. I really liked this line:

"As I drink in deeply
I hear the timbres
of His voice
as strings
in a Celtic Harp.
He woos me
very tenderly
calling me
to do my part."

Good job.
Thank you for sharing the music video link. It in fact did continue to reverberate in my minds eye and ear as I read your lovey poem. It gave your piece a rich depth and layer of beauty through harp and drum.
I'm still jammin' to the beat...
Beautiful and serene. The imagery of the heartbeat was indelibly heard through out. The poem is one of comfort and at last peace.
What a wonderful poem! :) Your beginning is such a lovely invitation to draw near to God:

"The Father has a drum beat
that one can hear so well.
The accent of His lovely voice
is not so hard to tell.
If you press your ear
against His heart
as you
read His holy word
you'll hear Him
softly speaking
"Child, go to my well,
drink deeply--
I have secret things
for you
worth keeping."

I love the thought of pressing my ear against His heart!

Great job! :)
AMEN! This was beautifully written and enjoyable. Thank you for such a lovely poem.
Alicia - thank you for the very kind follow up remark on "Accent of the Clouds" - at times it seems we are out-numbered by the Mr.Pringles of the world. Should we then stop imagining? I think not. What a dreary world it would be if that were so. Thanks again, your words are a ray of hope! Continued blessings on your writings and your insights! : )