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I am honored to be the first to comment. Gripping! You have made a great introduction into mental illness. You have described my sister's behavior and reasons/rationale for those horrible inexplicable moments that swallow us whole. Thank you.
This was an incredible entry in depth, emotions, accuracy,and describing the painful and harrowing throes of mental illness.

When I woked in nursing homes, twice a week on the psych wing, I used to run/facilitate group sessions with patients OCD, and other mental issues. It was so heartbreaking to see their torment.

Many prayed for help to their "existence" and many were "released from their bondage" through faith and mercy of our Savior.

Great job, and so well written. Thank you, I am sure many will be touched by this.

God Bless~

Wow! You did a fantastic job of pulling me into the story right from the very beginning by introducing the conflict to the reader. This isn't an easy subject to write about, but it is one that people need to read.

The one suggestion I might offer would be to check and see how many times you're repeating the same word or phrases in a paragraph. For example, you use the word paper towel many times in the beginning. You can fix this easily by just switching up the sentence some and using words like sheet or it.

I could so totally feel the MC's pain as I read. This was spot on topic. The beginning and ending were both quite strong. Your character seemed super realistic which makes me wonder how close you are to these disorders. Either way, I commend you on the courage it takes to write about this matter. You will touch many people,e with your words.
Your title drew me in, then your words kept me reading. You developed your MC very well. I felt her pain. Good job. Keep writing.
My son suffers from both OCD and a form of agoraphobia. This was really an excellent treatment of this difficult topic. I am going to read it to him tomorrow. I believe that God does have His perfect timing in His healing process, however it isn't an overnight fix as i know people that live with this can attest to. Thank you so much for this piece as issues like this need to continue to be brought to light.
Congrats on 2nd place!
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