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This is a grand story. You grabbed my attention right away by showing the conflict in the first paragraph.

Just some tiny red ink--an em dash (which differs from an en dash because it is longer, more the width of an m while an en is the length of an n) like the one I just used is meant to indicate added emphasis, an interruption or an abrupt change of thought. Your use of it is justified but you put spaces before and after and there should not be spaces. It is two hyphens typed together. (Just thought I'd share that info because punctuation rules are fascinating:) Also you forgot your end quote after elephant's foot.

Now those are tiny errors and ones anyone can make now and again. It certainly didn't distract from your delightful story. I'm not a big romance fan but you did a nice job of pulling me into the flirting. Though the ending was a tad predictable, it still left me satisfied and smiling.

I love how you incorporated the topic, it is something many can relate to. As the holidays draw nearer more and more people will become frustrated about parking space thieves. When it happens to me, I'll stop and remember your story and wonder how God will use that inconvenience in a way that is unexpected. I truly enjoy your piece.
What a good story. I enjoyed reading it. I liked what you did with Emily's character and how you described her frustration.
I look forward to reading more from you.

God bless!
This is GOOD. You are an excellent writer! I loved this story....

God BLess