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I enjoyed this very much.. Yes, you wondered off track for a "little bit", but you brought it all together in the end!
I loved how you brought the essence of your writing into the fold of the topic. I enjoyed it very much. Nicely done. God bless~
I loved your poem. You may have strayed a tad, but in the end you pulled it all together. Keep writing and God bless.
I really enjoyed this. You had me giggling and empathizing as well. Many of my stories seem so much more profound while I'm half asleep than they do in the light of day. However, you do need to be careful about mentioning FW and the contest because the top ten have the chance to be published in an anthology where the reader may not know anything about the site, the contest, topics or rules. However, I think all of the FW readers will absolutely adore this and find it a delight to read. Personally I think writing about flies on dung is fresher than bees. Hmm maybe fresher is the wrong word but more out of the box! I've read quite a few honey and bee stories this week but I do believe this is the first fly story and any country girl can tell you that cow dung has a sweet smell. I've never tasted it but I'm sure the flies find it delightfully sweet. I really enjoyed this and find it one of my favorites.