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A good reminder that people can be very deceptive and are not always what they seem to be to the outside world.
Well done
Profound commentary and an accurate account of what can happen if we are not "on guard" being watchmen. It can be easy to be deceived if we aren't careful.

Good job with this!
God bless~
A different take on taste. This was very interesting. Thank you for sharing and God bless.
I really enjoyed the story. It is a great idea and was interesting to read. It is so true that some people don't realize what they are doing can be devastating to others.

Be careful about shifting the POV. The reader can only know, see, hear or feel what the MC does. So you started out, telling the reader Yolanda's thoughts like how she enjoyed things at the expense of others. Then you jump to Brad worrying about his wife. It's a hard concept to grasp and is something I'm just learning myself. One way to avoid the shift would be to have Yolanda watching as Brad held his wife's hand and kissed as tears welled up in his eyes. It also helps show the reader instead of telling. You can't say she was boiling mad but you can describe what boiling mad looks like to the MC- a red face, clenched teeth, balled fist.

You did a nice job of showing how one mistake can make a huge difference in one's life. Those mistakes ripple outward and affect everyone living in the same pond. Nice job.