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Nicely done. This could be part of a sermon. A lot of meaning behind this piece. Thank you. God Bless~
As older parents, we all have 'prodigals" at some stage in our lives. Don't we all sometimes in our "prodigal" attitudes towards our Father's teaching, instructions, rulings and love for us? I do. But bless our compassionate, gracious LORD that He delights in always forgiving and receiving us back when we humbly return to Him. Thank you for your piece. Good job! Blessings.
Good read. I am sure we have all at some time or other in our lives, been either the prodigal or the other brother.
Love the lessons we get from this parable.
I was a prodigal daughter for a long time until my gracious Father got my full attention. All praise and glory to Him. Thanks for a good read.
You did a nice job of retelling this story and relating it to our children today. Though I'll admit I've tended to focus on the son who stayed at home. I could relate to being the good child. I think part of the truth in this story is both mess up big time. One runs off foolishly before he is ready while the other one pouts and feels sorry for himself. But the wonderful thing is the father still loved them both.

The only thing I might suggest is to have a third article that sums up the lovely points you made. Though their personalty differ vastly, the father still loved them both.

You do a nice job of writing on the topic and making the reader stop and think.
You have done and outstanding job with retelling of the prodigal son. I truly enjoyed this very much. Thank you for sharing and God bless.