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This was a touching story...I enjoyed it and thought it was a clever take on the topic. Nicely done. God Bless~
Wow. Its shocking that in this day of modern marvels there are still those held hostage to archaic beliefs and devilish pride. Thank you for speaking on behalf of the victims. May those sweet souls be set free in the name of Jesus, who showed us what a real man is like.
Well told story. rather sad that people lived like that and many still do. I am thankful for the freedom that we have in Jesus.
It sounds like lots of regrets. How could one heal from those kinds of memories I wonder?
A well written article. Living under those conditions would be very difficult. Thank you for a very touching story and God bless.
Wow this is stunning. You really choked me up with this one.

I have just a couple of suggestions. Double space between each paragraph to give the reader more white space. When using Dad as a name make sure you capitalize it.

This really touched me. I like how you portrayed your message loud and clear without saying it. That shows some true talent.