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I had a bit of a problem following the storyline. I'm not entirely sure what happened. Your descriptions and word choices are very nice. Thank you for sharing!
You showed what happens when someone holds onto anger, for sure. What a sad, sad picture. Sad that, even when the woman can't remember her own daughter, she can remember the hurt. This may be weak on topic but you wrote well. Nice job.
Awww...This was touching and moving. The memories of her youth were vivid in her mind's eye. Sounds like the woman had Alzheimer's or some form of dementia. Her mind locked into the past and not knowing the daughter said it all.

You did a wonderful job portraying the MC and the internal conflict within her mind. Loved this...poignant and profound.

God Bless,

This is such a beautiful story. You did such a nice job developing the character and building the suspense. It's quite creative too. A delightful read.
This was a very poignant story about holding on to past hurts. They grow into montrous heartaches and heartbreaks. Thank you for sharing and God bless.
I was a bit confused at first because I'd assumed physical abuse rather than an emotional fault. But I figured it out and then it was very poignant. How badly holding a grudge hurts us!
holding on to the pain is what I did best. Thank you for this, it reminded me again what anger held inside does. I love this.
Powerful reminder of the damage done by carrying a grudge. For me, I would have preferred to see that it was just the result of Alzheimer rather than something carried for fifty years. Man, how horrid those years must have been.

Well written and thank you.