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This was well written and your thoughts come across very clearly. You raise a number of good comments about the concerns of this generation's reliance on social media.

I'm not sure I completley agree that the future is as imminently headed for doom as one could gather from this piece but the premise you put forth is well taken.

This piece made me think. I consider that an amazing gift from something I read.

This was thought provoking and held a lot of truth relating to society overall.

Well written and spot on in topic. Thank you. God Bless~
I totally agree with the inability of our next generation to spell! Texting has really affected their ability to spell and write as well.

You make some good points. You definitely covered the topic. The answer to a big part of this is parents still need to parent. My kids weren't allowed computers in their bedroom. Their first cell phones were pre-paid ones for emergencies. Now of they want them they have to work to help pay. FW saved my life. I was isolated due to health problems and it really helped me connect with others.
Very well-covered and so true.
It is frightening to see how modern technology that can be and is used for such good purposes can be abused with such devastating consequences. Well done, thank you.
Congratulations on a job well done, and for your HR standing. God Bless~