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This is a sweet love story. That's not usually my favorite genre but you did it justice. :)

You may want to change up some of your sentence structure. For example, in my opinion, this sentence: It was on a beautiful fall day when she met Stan Wellington, that everything changed. would be easier to read like this: Everything changed on the beautiful, fall day when she met Stan.

You had a great start. I immediately could relate to your MC. I don't think Icould write a blog that anyone would be interested in. The ending came naturally and summed up your message. Great things may happen when we step outside of our comfort zone.

I like this.

I felt like you could have developed this a bit further. I don't know if word count got you, but I'd have spent a bit more time on the relationship between the MC and Stan.

I had to chuckle at the books falling out of her hands... Things like that always happen in front of an attractive member of the opposite gender, huh? ;)
I thought this was sweet and so enjoyable. I really liked it. Thanks. God Bless~
This is a sweet story.

When I first read that she asked Stan to go to lunch, it seemed weird to me. I guess it's because my first vision of Stan was as an older man, not a student. I'm thinking, "Why is a young girl asking some man, a total stranger, to lunch?"

A bit more description of Stan, clarifying his age and possibly his handsome looks might be good here. It would add interest if the reason she dropped her books was because she was distracted her attraction to him. Maybe that's what you intended, but I didn't catch that.

It just occurred to me that I may have thought of Stan as older because of his name. When choosing names, I often do a Google search for names of people born in a certain era. If Stan is supposed to be a college student, I might search for popular baby names from the '80s.

Nice job. :)
I liked this story and wanted to know what handsome qualities Stan had that made her drop her books.
This was nice and quaint...God bless you in your writings...I enjoyed the read...
I like your approach to the subject. I agree that a couple more drafts would have help clear up some issues in grammar and character development. Keep writing and developing your skills and obvious talent.
You had a nice story here, but it felt as if it ended too quickly. I wanted to know more about what happened with Stan. But thanks for sharing.
Congratulations on your HR win! Nicely done! God Bless~