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You did a great job covering the topic. I thought the ending was quite creative.

I noticed you used a lot of exclamation points. Try to use exciting words instead and save the ! for dialog.

The story made me smile and had a delightful message. It was a fun read.
Oh yeah, I noticed you put potential BLOG titles in quotes. It made have made for easier reading if you had put them in italics or in bold. If you need help doing this check the forums under FAQ.
Hehehe This made me laugh. I love how Grandma kept referring to herself in third person.

I'd separate out the rule from Grandma's thoughts on the rule, so it's very easy to see where the rule ends and where her thoughts begin.

Now... Let's see if I can come up with a title for Grandma's (now non-existent) blog... What about "Grandma's Jesus Cookies"? :) I loved this. Cute idea!
Really cute and heart warming. I really enjoyed this. Thank you!

God bless~
Grandma could now blog about the relationships that started over cookies and how many lives were brought to know Jesus.

Great story. I felt myself trying to brainstorm a title. :)
I enjoyed this...thanks for sharing it...I remember my grandma use to make sugar drops...was us kids favorite...God bless you in your writing...
Oh yeah, Grandma is so like my mom's generation. Enjoyed your approach and message. Good job.
Great job! Congrats! God Bless~