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What a heart-wrenching testimony I believe you are right in a way. God may not have allowed the fire but he can definitely use the tragedy to glorify his name-and by sharing this you are doing just that.

In the beginning you used tags like asked and said. Your writing will be more powerful if you show thereader what the character is doing. For example instead of saying Joani asked say something like Joani lowered her eyes , as we drove in the car she suddenly cleared her throat.

Your story may appear a little weak on the topic but Ithink you pulled it in nicely in the end. You did a nice job communicating your thoughts_ It was a pleasurable read.
I liked is encourageing how good can even come out of the ashes of our life...God bless you in your writing...
May you find healing from losing so much to a fire in your home.

A lot of people have gone from journaling to blogging. God will help you rewrite the legacy you planned for your family.
A poignant and heart warming story. I am so sorry for your devastating loss in the fire--but your words, and your heart, thank God were unscathed. So, actually you will be able to build on that, and in time capture all of which was lost in a "new way."

I loved it, thank you for sharing this beautiful story with a powerful message.

God Bless you~
This is a beautiful story and one I began to wonder was true before the end. So sad you lost your home and all those journals, but so glad to know your daughter encouraged you with your writing.

There were a few grammatical errors.
Like "have fell" should be "have fallen" and "I've began" should be "I've begun".

Nice story. :)
And the Legacy shall continue, but now using computers instead of pen and paper. A heart wrenching and heart warming story. I know it will bless your family. Thank you and God bless.
You used the Challenge term to discuss a very important subject. Most people leave no record of themselves for future generations. You will recover your memories with God's help. Enjoyed this a lot.
I'm glad you're not done writing yet! A great entry, although I would agree that there were some spelling and grammatical errors. Please keep have so much to say!
Congratulations on your HR placing! Nicely done! God Bless you~