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Oh my Gosh! I was crying thoughtout this entire entry! It was so heart wrenching and powerful...I cannot say enough. Fantastic and outstanding job. This gave me goosebumps and chills.

Beautiful, albeit sad ending...Beautiful that they would see each other again, and that the friend made the altar call - Praise the Lord. I loved this story.

God Bless you~
Perfectly on topic and such a timely entry. Beautifully written and so hopeful at the end. Wonderful piece.
This is such a sad but so true of how even in the darkest hour we as Christians must never forget to witness to others about the message of salvation.

There was so much tragedy that day on September 11th and so many lives lost.

You did such a great job with this!
God bless
Oh, you took us right into the hearts and minds of those first responders. I still get chills when I remember that terrible day. I'm glad Dave found the truth. You did a terrific job of writing this.
This is a great story and took me right back to the fateful day. Recently I heard a survivor describe the firefighters' faces as they headed up the stairs knowing they likely would neverdown again. You really captured that in this story.
Oh Wow! I echo CD Swanson, tears are blurring my eyes! This is just a remarkable entry, so realistic, powerful and seeping with emotion - just masterfully written! This is definitely one of my favorites and I pray you place well with this! Kudos!!
This is one of the best pieces I've read. You hit the topic dead centre, and the imagery made it feel like I was there with them. The way you started and finished were powerful and full of hope, and is a wonderful example of how the Word of God will not return empty when we have the courage to speak it out to our friends and colleagues. I, too, think this should do very well this week. Really well done.
This was excellent, really powerful. Well done. X
With tears in my eyes, I enjoyed this piece from beginning to end. Well written. Thanks for sharing.
Marcella, I'm planning to feature this on the Front Page Showcase for the week of March 26. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page--and congratulations!
This powerful story goes in my favorites. I knew, when I read your first (I think it was) challenge entry that you were beyond "beginner" and destined for greater things! I just discovered your comment on my "Rescued" story, and I don't recall seeing it before now. So, I had to pay you a visit and "return the favor." I'm so glad I found this exceptionally well done writing. And, I'm glad the judges recognized your writing talent. Blessings on your head!