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I love this!! I didn't know that chickens were so chatty (I think I need to ask my parents why they nicknamed me "Chooky" as a little girl!). I love the humour and the lessons learned by your chickens. Well done!
'Hen brained' is a common derogatory term.
I'm really pleased that those chicken do not subscribe to that concept.
An enjoyable read, on a very endearing (if somewhat unusual matter)subject.
I enjoyed your witty story. Growing up in the country I can relate. Chickens never shut up and you can tell by the talking when each lays eggs. A very cute and enjoyable story. Thank you.
Very enjoyable chick story. It made me laugh, as it also made me reminisce about my Chow-Chow, Zero, that I recently lost.

Punctuation made it a bit difficult to read in a few places, but I made it safely through to the other side. Besides, after posting my article under this week's topic, I discovered errors, too. I guess we should both better edit our work before sumitting, huh?

I never knew that din meant noise. Thank you.

Remain blessed,
cackling hens LOL chatter like a chicken. i did not know this either. love the story. we talk about "hensteeth" and "being chicken" but i have learnt new things :-)
This was so funny! My only suggestion would be not to use the actual title of the topic Your words were strong enough to show it was on topic. Like hens, many people chat on and an about nothing. This is a a fun read.