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I don't know if this is your story or not, but it certainly is mine! I was labelled all sorts of things because I was in my late 20s and not even close to being married! The whole time, though, I knew my standards and kept them; and God did bring me the most amazing man after many tears and tantrums. It is true that God is our fulfillment; my prayer is that he will meet all your needs, physically, emotionally. God bless.
WHOA! I love your title. It fit your story like a glove. I think your story will reach out and hit a lot of people right where it hurts. How many had that same outlook.
great story thanks for sharing it factual or fictional it is relevant to many
I'm so lgad that you wrote this and may it speak volumes to women and men as well. It isn't another human being who is going to make us whole or fulfill us totally, if one person could do that there wouldn't be the need of our risen Savior. Only Jesus, the true husband, of all, can fill the empty places and make that what is empty, whole again. Keep seeing the Lord and staying close to Him hon. All we can do is read, take classes, etc that will help us heal, from our pasts, learn all we are in the Lord, and prepare ourselves. When the times comes for those doors to be open you may find yourself with the one worth waiting for. God bless you and my prayers are with you. :))
This breaks my heart in so many ways. How sad it is when a parent can't be a soft place to land for a hurting child. I wish I could wrap my arms around the MC and love unconditionally. Well done you really pulled me in and I felt empathy for people everywhere who fear they will never measure up to impossible standards.
well done just shows the quality of your short piece speaks volumes :-)
HC is a good result as there was lots of great writing here