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I loved this! I love how you compare Sophia's blossoming in life with a flower. Great job!
An uplifting story. Is she a real person? It makes me think of all the opportunities I have had in life and whether I have turned out to be a rose - or a thorn bush.
A refreshing story! Well written!
This story had an undeniable profound quality about it. Sophia's humble beginnings, strong character, her thirst for the truth, her growth in the spirit, her charity, her leadership through example and all her actions strongly rooted in the spirit of God. An exemplary work. I thought it was an excellent piece of literature. Thanks for writing.
This is nice! I can easily see it expanded into novel form.
I like it! So many face adversity and do not turn it to a positive for their good. This story is a hope for those who have only known hopelessness!
Michele, I just wanted to pop in and let you know that you did very well with this entry, ranking in 6th Place in the Level 2 list - so you were just a breath away from receiving a Level award. You also ranked 35th overall - out of a total of 145 entries, so that deserves a pat on the back!

The story was definitely inspirational, but I think the believability factor was what kept it from ranking higher. If it was a true story, then Wow! If if was fiction, then the age that the main character bought the diner was very hard to believe. When a story does have this big question mark hanging over it, it does make it hard for the reader to really judge whether they accept what is being said or not. So if you are writing a true story, then it would probably be worth making a note of that at the end as an Author's foot note. If it's fiction, then make a note of that as well, and keep an eye out for things where the reader may be being asked to believe more than they are prepared to believe (if that makes sense).

But overall, very good work Michele, and I know that I'll be looking forward to reading more by you in the future.

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)