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I am not a grandmother but I know what it's like to chase after two small boys! Good use of the topic!
A lovely story. The true meaning of giving, it's the thought that counts. Thanks for this.
This is very sweet, although the way you described Deborah's weariness, I imagined her to be at least in her 70's! The grandchild (you should name her) is adorable. I think you should work on avoiding predictable phrases: a rose by any name, ball of energy, pandemonium broke loose, keep a close eye on...these could be re-written using fresh language to give this piece more of a punch. Very lovely lesson, makes me eager to have grandchildren of my own!
Sweet story! I enjoyed it. :-)
Definitely not a cute story. A morbid twist. Cruel and sadistic story...too dark for my taste.
Isn't it great how someone else's negative words can snap us back into defending our annoying loved ones? Well-done!
This is a wonderful story of a Grandmother who found the beauty, not only of the wild flowers, but in the love of a child -- her grandchild.
I also like the fact that the attitude of the neighbor made Grandma realize how precious the thoughts of the little girl were.
Neat story.

A cute story. I'm just hoping that when I have grandchildren that I will enjoy each moment with them and take time to view the caterpillars and the birds nests and let them dig. Glad this grandmother finally learnt the true value of things.
I can't wait to be a 'gramma'! Thanks for your 'slice of life' story about a weary granny and her new found appreciation of her grandchild.