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Very moving insights into the care that accompanies and motivates our prayer for others. An excellent story.
Mother Superior's compassion and crisis come across loud and clear and very believable. May I make an observation about the length of your sentences? Try varying this a bit more. By all means have some long sentences, but mix them up with shorter punchier sentences particularly when you're trying to build some tension. May God bless you and lead you as you develop your writing.
A most gripping story. Your MC was believeable. I like this so much. Thanks.
A tender gripping story from beginning to end. Thank you.
This is a gripping story. The characters are the type that you want to root for. I was a little curious why Hannah had such an intense place in the nun's heart. I have a feeling there's more to the story bit even in the lighted words it's obvious that Hannah is super special. It did feel like the story might fit a prayer topic better than a phone topic. You did mention the phone in the beginning and end but it wouldn't have really impacted the story had you left it out. You did do an outstanding job creating suspense and I really was cheering for Hannah at the end. You touched my heart with your words and you have a great deal of natural talent. Keep writing. The world needs to hear what you have to say.
You immediately captured the writer's attention with your opening, and you did a great job with the close. Not sure if you reread the article before submission, but a reread should help spot spelling errors ( bated breath instead of baited breath) and over/under use of commas.
Loved the way your developed your story line.
Congratulations on your HC. This was a very compelling and well-written story.
Congratulations on your highly commended. You did an outstanding job. Keep writing the world needs to hear your stories!