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This is a charming story. The broken English was done well and really helped to develop the character.
I loved the story. Clever and witty in a very Italian way!No wonder Nona had a hint of a smile. It was quite clear as the story developed. Excellent, family stories are the best! May God bless your future writings and you,Your sista'in Christ,Ruth
I loooooooooooooooove it! What a hoot. I needed a good laugh today and you delivered. Thanks for sharing this well-written story.
A very well written story of how certain letters in English are so difficult for those from Europe or Asia to pronounce and understand. Fumi use to call my daughter Lobin because she could not pronounce the letter R. Also very amusing story. Good job and keep writing.
Very enjoyable read. Thank you for sharing. I was actually embarrased for her when I read what had happened.
Ah, you made me smile. Thank you!
Well done...could have been one of my relatives :)
On topic and a fun read. Well done.
Ah, poor Tessa.

Good job in getting the voice on this!
Well done! Relaxed and enjoyable. So true-to-life story. Good job in writing this. I'm so glad to have met Tessa. Sweet story :)
A thoroughly enjoyable read! Loved it from beginning to end! Congratulations on the well deserved "Highly Commended"!
Congratulations on your highly commended! You keep on writing my friend. You have wonderful stories that the world wants and needs to hear.