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I liked the way you worded the last line: "...empty shelves await new glorious volumes to be written about my life." It painted a stark contrast to the despair felt earlier in the piece.
This was nicely done. I was picturing the "rooms" in my own heart as you described the book titles in the forbidden room. Really like the way you did this.
One of the best entries I've read this week. This is a well-written, thoughtful piece. Excellent!
Your piece reminded me of our prayer/song as believers for God to 'clean away the dross'. I like it that you tied the ending to a future faced by the MC with God's new work in their life.
I felt a tad uncomfortable with your use of the present tense at first. But you did a great job sticking with it and it pulled me into your despair. Nice take.
Your descriptive words helped to set the mood and to carry the story along. I did find the phrase "lifeless blob" a bit disconcerting in that blob seemed to break the atmosphere your words had created.
Very well done with deep meaning.
Very well written and well thoughtout. I was pulled into all your rooms and book titles. I really liked the last line about having empty shelves for new books to be written.
Very unique take on the topic. I found some of the present tense phrasing to be awkward - think "My eyes water" rather than "My eyes begin to water" - makes the phrasing even more immediate. Loved the message!
When I am in despair, I imagine God's arms wrapped around me, holding me. I was taken to that place as I reached the end of your piece.
Well done!