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I love your ohh moment. How true. Well-written and quite insightful.
Thank you for this amazing story about Isaac. I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Now when I see orange juice I will laugh out loud. People will think I have lost my mind, but they will not know the story of a two year old boy who made orange juice from callerpitters. God bless and keep writing.
PS My son put worms in his pocket and I found them after I washed his pants. Kids are a blessing.
This is such a cute story! It brought a smile to my face. I just love it when kids say funny things that have you laughing for hours! (And remembering the incident for years to come. :) )

I love how you turned it into a spiritual lesson at the end. Wonderful!

(I hope Isaac never tried to drink his "callerpitter" orange juice! ;) )
What a sweet lesson.Isn't it amazing the lessons we get from nature and from children!!
A delightful story, for sure, with a great life application. The sentence starting "Finally..." needs reworking, I think. Perhaps restructured it into two sentences would make it read smoother. This was fun to read.
Humorous! I can picture a little boy doing that! I love your Ohhh lesson at the end. Thankfully, God is a God of second chances when we "crush" the plans and/or dreams He has for us.
Great story! I love the Ohhh moment.
This is just the way a devotional should be--a great opening story leading to an apt lesson.

Be careful of comma splices--an easy fix that will really polish this diamond in the rough.