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I agree with Elizabeth. The church is Christ's bride and will be presented without blemish, not because its body on earth is holy, but because it, like each of us individually, is undergoing transformation into holiness. And about women clergy -- "I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons AND DAUGHTERS will prophesy" (Joel 2:28, and repeated by Peter in Acts 2:17). Maybe this would be a good topic for discussion on the message boards! But I also agree with Elizabeth that your article is well-writtena and thought provoking. Just remember, we must keep our faith in God, not in our brothers and sisters. Peace, blessings and love.
Very well written and it certainly pours out your anger, even though I must respectfully disagree with your argument!
You write powerfully and have made some strong points.

Where is the church? She is still alive and well among us in spite of her many struggles. I can say this without reservation because I am one of those raised on the idea that all gods are the same. I met Christ through Christians in a church at age 23. I was shown the gospel and embraced it completely.

Your scripture said it well in the beginning. The gates of Hell will not prevail against His church. They have not, are not and will not.
Your observations about what is happening in the country and many other countries are correct, but the Word of God holds fast and true and nothing shall prevail against His church.