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Despite the harsh cruelty I liked this piece. The MC was fortunate to find the Thatcher's, adults who knew how to be people. Good writing.
What a very sad story. I am glad that through it you found the Lord, and happiness. I do trust that your parents will soon see Christ shining through you and turn to Him...Thanks for sharing...Helen
I read your story of your childhood spent with selfish, cruel parents who became more bitter with age. I can relate. In my family it was my father who behaved very much like your father. My mother didn't do much to prevent the abuse or to intervene.

Like you, I escaped when I was 18. I went to Bible College and found loving Christian people who accepted me. (I had to get student loans, my parents had no savings. When I did have a job, I had to give my parents half of what I earned). This is getting to be a long, story, so I'll fast forward to 2 years ago, when my mother was dying of lung cancer. She accepted Christ about 2 months before she died, and it changed her completely. She had finally had peace, and she started to give me hugs. In the hospital, four days before she died, she said "I love you". I expected my father to escape more deeply into the drugs that he used, and to drink himself to death. He didn't. He started reading the Bible and going to church. The last time I visited, he gave me a hug, our first hug ever.
Keep praying for your parents.