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Cute story! My children have had similar experiences nursing birds back to health, but yours is remarkable. Watch your comma use, as I was a little distracted by sentence structure. I really appreciated how you applied the "lesson" God showed you through the experience. It's amazing to me how abundantly God offers us chances to learn about Him!
Lovely, lovely devotional.
Fantastic lessons. I won't look at birds the same way again, thank you for that!
Very good devotional! I have not thought as much about birds as you have and it's a wonderful comparison to the father's plans for us. Thanks for sharing!
Well done on a lovely, moving story. I really enjoyed this piece of writing.
Wonderful devotional feel. Great reminder of God's provision for all of His creation.
This is a great object lesson on the love and faithfulness of our God, for us. Even the birds of the air are cared for, how much more important are we?
Good voice for your devotional. The spiritual application at the end is very appropriate.
You told the story in a very interesting way. Good spiritual take on a swet event and life lesson. Good job.
Congratulations on your 3rd place. Very sweet devotional.
Congrats!! And up to level 3 you go! Awesome! ^_^
I really enjoyed this story of Mr. Chip. It's really amazing you were able to raise the little bird. You've written this VERY WELL! Congratulations on your ribbon!!