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That is so funny and sad that you won't go camping again. Then we won't hear any more about the next trip. God bless ya, littlelight
Adorable story! Laughter is such a gift. Our western lives would be in a world of hurt if we ever had to really brave the elements/nature, wouldn't we?
LOL - what a crazy adventure. I have a feeling, even as much as I love camping, I might take awhile to get back out there after a trip like that.
A very entertaining read, even though a frightening experience for you and your wife and your dog. Thanks for sharing.
Very funny. An even better title would be to have 'wife' instead of 'dog'.
So...So...Funny! Thanks for sharing your wild adventure.
Adorable story...break up the paragraphs for easier reading.
Great story. I laughed through it. I liked the drifter and his companion part. Nice Job.
Funny/tragic story. With the storm, probably just as well you left when you did!
Camping, raccoons... the nightmares! the nightmares!!!!!!!

Oh, well, enough of that. We all can sympathise. I remember the couple of years ago, my first time seeing a raccoon... and then more came... and more....

ok, I'm off to visit your website.