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Very cute and well written story! I loved your message! "So True"
Your article teaches us to keep our eyes on the real "value" in our life, Christ. Thanks for sharing.
Amen. Nicely written.
God bless ya, littlelight
I appreciated this story. It shows that material things or luxuries are not what brings happiness, but a right relationship with God and other people.
We have so many lessons to learn and your story does just that - teaches us a few. We learn what it is to have God in our hearts so we can show love to a neighbour (someone in need), as well as not judging others by what they have or lack. Enjoyed your article.
A very nice story :)
Great story! I loved the luxury camping v. rustic camping and how in the end you had much in common. Fun.
Great story - thanks.
Nice Job..I enjoyed it from the title to the end. A winner in my book.
Well told story. Consistent voice. Even better read if you gave each character’s dialogue a line of its own.