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I love this! I love your take on the title Silent Night, but I agree with you...there was a lot of "hoopdela" going on! Great story.
I like the pacing of this.

I'd also really enjoy a story just about the terrified shepherd.
Well written descriptions and actions. Good job. :)
Just a wonderful article indeed, and very creative. This sounds like a wonderful childrens book story.
I could see everything. You had me there. I agree, it wasn't a silent night, although I do like the song.
Great thoughts! I agree, it would make a good childrens book! CheeryBlossom
Great take on the topic - and the carol. I never considered how wrong the description "silent night" was. I like the short scenes. Each one is well written, and together they make a great "flash-back episode" for your angel MC's.
I enjoyed the different scenes.I agree it would make for a wonderful story for children with all the different scenes and drama. Must have been quite a night.
Interesting and thought provoking. I never considered the silent night to be not so silent, which it was. Creative and entertaining style!
I enjoyed each scene telling its story. The descriptions are vivid and the title is perfect.
You certainly pegged it! I had never really thought before about it NOT being silent. Thanks for the eye-opening story, which I loved... a favorite, this week. Kudos.
This is beyond creative! Wow! I love how you've written this from a "counter-carol" perspective. :) Your descriptions of the spiritual battle are so graphically real. Very good work on this.
I can testify myself that birth is NOT silent! LOL Nor are animals, for that matter. Nice job - it flowed very well despite the many scenes. Excellent work!