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Good! I'm so glad it ended the way it did, with her able to share and find her way back to life.
What a beautiful story! Very well written. Music is oh so powerful as seen in the mc's healing. Ironially, Away In A Manger is featured in my story too.
I loved the first half of this, with its descriptions of the hospital.

I felt a little bit cheated out of her epiphany at the end. You hinted at how the carol began to open her up, but we didn't really get to read her transformation. I wanted more!

You're a very good writer.
Not only are you a gifted story-teller, you are a master of the written language as well. Well done.
Very touching story. Very captivating to read. Well-done.
Nicely written. Good details for setting. Very few details for establishing "emotional ties" to the MC - appearance, age, reason for admittance. Nice tie-in at the ending. :)
A lovely entry. I too would love to see what the song brought back to her.
I was touched by the mc's recovery and happy that music played a part. Thoughtful story.
Nice job - great work drawing the reader in. I think the word count got you, but you still wrapped up well. :)
Oooh, I was left wanting to know more. You did a good job on this.
Yes,I definitely wanted more of this story too. Very well written, and the descriptions of the family singing together took me right into the room.
Great Descriptions and sharing of the lady's heart - and how the baby Jesus set her free AND how she was like the leper who returned with gratitude after being healed. thanks for writing this piece.
A touching article. Especially moved by the comment to resist Electro-Convulsive Treatment at all costs. One thing that really touched me when I read "Self Help For Your Nerves" by Dr Claire Weekes was her comment that one motivation for her to write the book, was for people to avoid having an ECT if they followed the book's advice. One of my friends did have ECT, and is still missing huge segments of his memory.