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A very thought-provoking piece which I enjoyed as I work with adults with Down's syndrome. One sentence didn't seem to ring true for about the funeral overshadowing her big day, but otherwise great insight.
Moving lesson taught by a tender heart. Thanks for sharing this. :)
A very tender story that I really appreciate because I have a brother with Downs Syndrome.

The letter written by Charles seems far and above what a Downs person could write.

How lovely that the sister's experience with her brother translated into a sp. ed. career...mine did, too!
What a heart-rending story, beautifully told. Magnificent.
What a beautifully told story. This brought tears to my eyes.
A touching and beautiful story, so very well told. I loved it.
I wondered about the letter too, but lots of good lessons here and this line was especially good: "he never understood the concept of NOT forgiving." Nicely done.
Awwwwww. You almost made me cry! This was wonderful. I've known a few people with Down's, and they always have the best outlook on life.
Such a tender story! One that kids needs to hear and think seriously about.
Wonderful story! Patty's personality seemed to disappear in the middle, when she decided to abandon her brother, but that works for the story! I love the beginning and ending with the little girl. Nicely done.
Oh Arlene, this was beautiful. The line about Charles not knowing the concept of NOT forgiving was priceless and so true of those with Downs. Excellent writing...congratulations, my friend.