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Very good approach, I could easily feel myself in the MC's shoes.
This story hit home with me. The MC reminded me so much of my grandmother in her last days. The frustration of a once independent woman trying to do the once simple things such as putting on make-up. It was always so heartbreaking.

This was very well done. I am so glad the MC finally gets to be real with someone.
I think I was holding my breath all the way through reading this. So happy at the end that I actually said outloud as I finally took a breath, "Oh, Thank God!" You've captured perfectly our desperate need to be heard from the hurting places.
This was wonderful! You could really get into what she was feeling. Spot on!
Compassionately written. Details clear and complete.
This reaches out to all of us at some level. Very nice. :)
Very, VERY good--one of the best I've read this week. Love your use of repetition.
I was holding my breath alonside the main character. I can relate, as I am certain everyone else can, to similar experiences. I am glad hers turned out well. Good setting, mood, rhythm, and story.
This is soooooooooooo good! Moving. I slipped into her shoes immediately, and walked all the way with her. Sad, isn't it, when we have to put up our facades and accept the charades of others, when within, we are all screaming KNOW ME! Thank you for this most excellent treatise on the condition of nominal Christianity and opening the hearts of caring Christianity.
You completely nailed the internal agony of anxiety disorder. Very well written...I hope this ministers to those that need to read it.
This is really good. It's sad when we're afraid to be real at church, but so good when people really do take the time and have what it takes inside to listen and care and share a burden.
I liked your story. It kept me reading the entire time. How nice to see someone really cared.
This is great! You captured the emotions and offered hope at the end. Good job!